Opnus is a turn-key solution for advertisers in the North Georgia area. Opnus is expanding rapidly, and it provides a competitive and effective advertising platform.

Website Advertising

Running an advertisement on a high-traffic niche website is a great way to target your audience. Opnus is teaming up with high-traffic websites in order to provide its clients with an alternative to complicated advertising networks such as Google Adwords.

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Indoor Digital Advertising (Digital Billboards)

Out-of-home advertising is expanding rapidly as technology evolves. Opnus is on the cutting-edge of indoor digital advertising. Like digital billboards, indoor digital advertising consists of digital screens that display advertisements.

The benefits to indoor digital advertising are:

  • High impression rates
  • Run multiple advertisements in the same ad spot
  • Change advertisements almost instantly
  • Reach audiences in targeted locations

Opnus currently offers indoor digital advertising in Cartersville and Kennesaw, GA with plans to expand rapidly into the surrounding cities across North Georgia in the next few weeks.

Over the next few months, look for Opnus indoor digital billboards in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and various cities throughout the Southeast.