Digital signage is a fast growing industry, and it is an excellent choice for companies to reach their demographic. What makes digital signage unique and superior?

  1. Your advertisements are located in places not available with conventional methods. Opnus chooses locations where people gather for extended periods of time.
  2. Content can be updated remotely and instantly. Our system allows us to change your graphics and advertising schedules from our headquarters.
  3. Opnus can schedule different advertisements to play on each day of the week or different times of the day.
  4. Rotating advertisements capture the attention of people waiting in restaurants and waiting rooms.
  5. Digital signage is cost effective because it doesn’t require printing or installation.
  6. Advertising space is limited, but our digital displays allow you to share advertising wall space with other advertisers.
  7. Building brand recognition is paramount. Our digital signage displays are more effective at grabbing viewers attention for a few seconds at a time. As people wait in our advertising locations, they have multiple opportunities to see and process your brand or message.