It’s time to get excited about the future of your company again…

Maybe you inherited a family business, or maybe your company simple got left behind in today’s fast-paced, social-media-driven world.

Here are 6 steps you can take in the next 30 days…

Forget the past

You’re reading this, so you understand things need to change. I’m not saying you should forget how the company became successful in the first place, but you should look at the future of your company as an adventure.

Your company prospered to get to where it is today, but you understand that your company must evolve. Why evolve if it has been working? There are hundreds of startups ready to take your place in the market, and many of them are using cutting edge marketing strategies.

Have a conversation

You can learn valuable information from vendors, business owners, and customers. Have the mindset that others want you to succeed. In general, they do, and people love to feel helpful.

Don’t expect them to give you a full-blown marketing strategy, but look for inspiration!

Set optimistic goals

How much growth do you expect over the next quarter or year. If your goal is just to maintain your current profits, you are setting the bar way too low.

It is hard to pull the trigger on a new or increased advertising budget, but begin thinking in terms of Return On Investment.

Get comfortable with technology

Technology is leading the way! It is time to take the leap into the world of digital advertising. Did you test the water with Facebook ads, only to be disappointed? I understand, I have been there. It is time to start learning techniques like A/B testing. These techniques are relatively old, but with digital advertising, everything is at a much faster past. You have to be quick on your feet!

Rethink your brand

Has your family-owned business branded itself as “old-faithful” throughout the years? Shack things up! There is nothing wrong with being reliable, but let everyone know that your company is growing, evolving, and competing.

Bring in a professional

Building a successful marketing campaign involves trial, error, and persistence. If you believe your time is better spent managing daily business activities because you are really good at what you do… that’s okay!

You may not have the option to hire a marketing director, but contracting out all or part of you marketing strategy and implementation may be your best choice.